Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How do the most difficult-to-poll demographics respond to our systems?
A: TouchPoll NZ uses self-administered iPad kiosk systems that are engaging and interactive. These systems offer a friendly, inviting and easy to use application. Many potential respondents will stand in line for the opportunity to give their anonymous opinions. They all want to offer their view. High-income earners are typically the toughest segment to survey; and we work hard to provide friendly systems to them that are quick and anonymous.  
Q: How do we stop kids or other inappropriate respondents from taking the poll?
A: Whether attended or unattended, our interactive technology automatically branches kids or non-desired demographics to other questions which may be used or deleted automatically; nonetheless, many modern-thinking clients prefer to program separate internal surveys for children and others, collecting data that will be invaluable at some other time-after all, kids will be grown-ups most of their lives!
Q: How do we stop respondents from taking our surveys more than once?
A: Over the years, we have carefully studied this issue, with some rather amazing results. Almost no one ever wants to complete the same survey twice. (Don't worry about it, it's really a non issue and taken into consideration within margin of error calculations).
Q: How do we get "realistic" income data and answers about sensitive issues?
A: Self completion (unmanned) systems are proven to be the very best method of collecting income data. During a normal phone poll or clipboard survey, it is proven that high-earners lie downwards and low-earners lie upwards. Respondents can be confident that no one will match their answers with their name, so income answers are very reliable. As a matter of fact, close to 100% of our respondents gladly offer "straight" answers, something our clients count on and greatly appreciate - and our team are experts at asking the questions in the right way if the interview is face-to-face.
Q: How do we control the "sampling"?
A: Clients want to know that, if needed, true random sampling is occurring. Our systems and interview teams follow proven methodologies for polling all types of respondents. Literally every segment of the population is drawn to our systems (including the elderly and the more affluent) in equally proportionate percentages. Questions within our surveys can also be randomised so they appear in a different order each time.
Q: Do we have to offer incentives to respondents to entice them to take the survey?
A: In a word, no - but in certain cases it certainly helps! Our team can help discuss incentives with you - and offer independent/unbiased prize draws of course.